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The area boasts many treasures: chapels, most imposing mansions or Breton castles, fortifications, but also cities with historic districts where you can stroll as Vannes or Auray. Islands dream as Belle Île, Île-aux-Moines ... You can't see everything, but we offer a selection of the most remarkable sites.


Chapel of Notre Dame de Pitié in Ploemel (5 minutes)

Datedthe fourteenth and fifteenth, it houses the tombstone ofStoneBroërec(whose family ownedthe manor ofLocmariaPloemel) representing a knightlying on backsurrounded byshieldsandweeping.This exceptional item, Historical Monument, is a masterpieceof medieval artinBritainroom.

menhirsThe alignments of Carnac (10 minutes)

4000menhirserected between5000and2000BC,alignedover4 km: Carnacmegalithicsitesrepresent a modelof monumental architectureofunprecedented scale inEurope.See alsothe Museumof Prehistory.


Heritage Circuits in Auray (10 minutes)

Centuries have passedand alleysof the historichearthave changed little. Aurayretains the charmof the oldcitywith its cobbledstreets andhalf-timberedhouses. Formerly, an importanttrading port, Saint-Goustan is nowdedicated topleasure, to strolland walk. Itspart of anotherage andcolorfulmakean exceptional placewhich earned him thenicknamebeautiful"Pearlof the Gulf". Discover the historyandmonumentsofAurayby walkingon the threecircuitsheritage"Strolling Auray." Explanationofpanelsline theroute.


Shrineof Ste Anne d'Auray (15 minutes)

The story of Sainte- Anne d'Auray have begun in the seventeenth century by the apparitions of St. Anne, mother of Mary, Yves Nicolazic , pious farmer of the village. At the time, Sainte- Anne d'Auray is a hamlet called Ker Anna , the " village of Anne " in Breton. During an appearance , she asks him to rebuild the chapel was dedicated to him in the sixth century . The news spread throughout the UK and pilgrims set off to Sainte- Anne d'Auray , creating the largest pilgrimage in the region. In the nineteenth century , the crowd is such that the chapel became too small. To remedy this, the basilica was built between 1865 and 1872 by the architect Desperthes . Every July 26 , the village hosts thousands of pilgrims for the Atonement . By visiting the sanctuary, you will discover various religious buildings : - The cloister built in the seventeenth by the Carmelite Fathers . - The Basilica has replaced the chapel in the nineteenth . - La Scala Sancta " Holy Stairs " placed at the origin to the chapel. - The memorial built in memory of Brittany victims of WW1 . - Space Pope John Paul II created following the Pope's visit in 1996.


Vannes (25 minutes)

Must See: You will be charmed byits medieval centerandhalf-timbered houses, the walls,the Cathedral, thePort...To visit:Museum of FineArts, Museum of History...


National Stud Hennebont (25 minutes)

Foundedin 1857,this prestigiousandunique place inMorbihanoffers aspacefun and interactiveexhibition thattakes you throughthe history of relationsbetween manand horse,the activity of thestudandits businesses.Accompanied by a guide, you thenleavethe stablesto meet thehorses andfinish yourvisit withthe upholsteryof honor.Horsedaytime, evening showin August.Tel +33(0)2 97 89 40 30


Castle of Plessis Josso in Theix (27 minutes)

This fortifiedmanorfourteenth and fifteenth centuriesis aliving witness tothe history ofBritain at the timeof the Dukes. Itrevives thesteps andthe organization of thesociety of the MiddleAges.Toseeits walls,large roomsand4 kitchens.
+33(0)2 97 67 13 87


Base submarines Keroman in Lorient (35 minutes)

Headquartersof the Battle ofthe Atlantic, thesubmarinebasewas builton the ordersof the German Navyin 1940. Three giganticbunkersprotectingboth fleetsofU-boats(German submarines) thatcarried thewar toAmerican shores, projectingLorientat the heart ofglobal conflict.
Tel: +33(0)2 97 84 78 00


Castle of Suscinio in Sarzeau (42 minutes)

Stunning castle,surrounded bythe ocean,marshand forest,Suscinioisa medievalfavorite residence ofthe Dukes of Brittany.Builtin the thirteenthcentury, it becamethefifteenthcenturymansionthat we visittoday.


Belle Île : Museum ofCitadelle Vauban (1hwiththeboat crossing)

Founded in the eleventhcentury, editedbyGondi,NicolasFouquetandVauban,the citadel ofBelle-ÎlePalacedominatesthe harbor. An artand historymuseum, a living marine,concerts and exhibitions.Belle Isleis aptly namedand deserves tospend a day(bike rental).